Collectors: Grosset Dunlap Publisher. New York. Copyright 1930 on

Nancy Drew Books:

The Dana Girls Mystery Stories. Volume 1 to 7 with Jackets.

The Whispering Statue. No Cover

The Bungalow Mystery. No Cover

The Secret Of The Old Clock. No Cover

Nancy’s Mysterious Letters. Book #8 with Cover

The Sign of the Twisted Candles. #9 with Cover

The Ghost of Blackwood Hall. #25 with Cover

The Scarlet Slipper Mystery. #32 with cover

The Haunted Showboat. #35 with cover

Connie Blair Mystery: By Betsy Allen

The Clue in Blue. #1 with Cover 1948

A Judy Bolton Mystery: By Margaret Sutton

The Vanishing Shadow. Vol. #1 with cover

The Haunted Attic. Vol. #2 with cover